Mrs. Sharpe's Grade 6 Class

Minesing Central Public School

Time to Celebrate!!!


So very PROUD of all of these wonderful, amazing kids! They all worked so very hard throughout our EQAO assessment! Very much deserving of a celebration with a “make your own sundae” table and movie!!


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In Need of Volunteers for May 10th Trip!


Hello everyone! As recently mentioned in the school form that was sent out to our Grade 6 parents, we have been invited to attend an assembly that has been put together by O.P.P. KIDS, a program that students participated in during the Fall. Students will  have the opportunity to interact and watch demonstrations with Ontario Provincial Police specialty units (eg: K9/ERT/OPP Museum/Marine). They will also play an educational video game designed to refresh some of the key messaging learned from the KIDS program. We will also have class photos and certificates to hand out to the students congratulating them for their participation. Mrs. Strampel and I will be the teachers attending this field trip and we are in need of some wonderful parent volunteers, to have the appropriate ratios on this trip! If you happen to be available and would like to help out, please write me a note to send in with your child. Our field trip will take place on (next) Wednesday, May 10th from 10:00 a.m to 12:00p.m. Thank you so much for your help and cooperation!


Mrs. Sharpe 🙂

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A Few Updates!


Hello everyone! April has been a busy, productive month in our Grade 6 classroom! We have had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Wale, a teacher candidate from Lakehead University for the past 5 weeks! I am so proud of all the students for being so welcoming and appreciative of her time with us! They really enjoyed her unit on Fractions with a twist of creativity and integration of the Arts! They worked very hard towards the completion of her culminating task and I am very proud of them! On top of it being Ms. Wale’s last day with us, the class had won their class reward points, so we celebrated with a “make your own sundae” treat and a movie!

I just wanted to provide you with some updates regarding what we are/will be working on in class! We are well into our novel study on Hatchet which is part of our daily guided reading rotation. Students rotate through a total of 5 different stations, each station lasting a period each day. They are given the opportunity to complete any incomplete tasks during our daily independent reading period as well as during an extra period that I give, once they have cycled through all of the stations.  In Writing we are well into our poetry unit and are starting to work towards creating some original free verse poems following the writing process. Students will be asked to present one of their poems to the class, and any students that wish to participate in the junior poetry competition (Tues. May 9th) will have an opportunity to audition. In Math we will be starting our unit on Algebra/Order of Operations after I finish tying up some last pieces of Fractions and Geometry. In Science we are continuing to work on our Space unit and will have some unique artwork on display for next week, as it is part of Education week. We are continuing to work throughout our Social Studies unit on Canada’s global interactions and will be moving into studying NGOs and Canada’s involvement in humanitarian acts around the world. As we are coming into the last few months of Grade 6, I am encouraging students to be independently responsible for keeping track of what needs to be done, in terms of tasks in all subject areas. I do not “assign” homework, however bringing it home to independently complete is always an option, just making sure that it is returned the next day. Again, with use of the agenda it is a great way for students to keep their tasks/dates organized.

In May our school will be administering the EQAO assessment starting on Tuesday, May 23rd continuing on each day of the week and then into the following week. Please know that I am doing my very best to help prepare students to ensure that it is not a stressful period of time and that they feel comfortable and confident in themselves! Again, if you have any question or concerns related to the assessment, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Ms. Kadela.

Thank you all for you ongoing support and cooperation!

Mrs. Sharpe



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Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful March break with the kids and are enjoying your weekend! Everyone came back refreshed and eager to start back up again! Many students have been busy participating in sports, leadership and other activity groups that Minesing offers. We have welcomed Ms. Wale to our class. She is a student teacher from Lakehead University and will be joining us till the end of April. It is so wonderful to see how respectful, polite and welcoming all of the students have been! Such wonderful character!

Here are a few updates regarding some units that we will be doing. We will be starting up Fractions as our next unit in Math, and are just finishing up with 2D and 3D Geometry. For Writing we will be starting Poetry very soon, which will also lead into our school poetry competition! In Reading we have just started up a novel study unit on Hatchet, which will be used throughout our Daily 4 guided reading rotation. Students will be working towards specific CAFE goals throughout the rotation. They were all excited to read this novel, so I am anxious to see the thought and ideas that will come through in their comprehension tasks. It really makes such a difference when they connect to the text with such interest! In Science, we have started up our unit on Space. This unit will allow for some great STEAM activities which I am excited about, and I know the students will be as well.

Mrs. Sharpe 🙂


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i have been meaning to post a little note to first congratulate all of my amazing grade 6 students who have done so well with the oral communication component through a variety of presentations such as their biome research projects, TedTalks and speeches! I know it is not an easy, comfortable position for many to be in and I am very proud of each student, demonstrating such courage!

I would like to acknowledge and congratulate Peyton, Mackenzie and Rylan from our class who were selected to continue on at the school competition for Junior/Intermediate TEDtalks. They all did an amazing job and definitely set the bar very high!! Very impressive presentations!! Congratulations to Peyton who placed in the top 3! Also, I would like to congratulate Liam M. and Ben K. who were selected to continue on at the school competition for Junior speeches! They both did such an excellent job and were outstanding representatives for our class!! Congratulations to Liam M. who placed in the top 3 and continued on to compete against Forest Hill in the area competition! Well done!!!

Mrs. Sharpe 🙂

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Hello everyone! It has been a busy few weeks since we have been back from our trip to Kandalore and I just wanted to touch base!

As you know, report cards were sent home on Friday. I have talked to the students about maintaining a growth mindset and to reflect upon their report with pride, acknowledging areas of growth and identifying some goals that they would like to work towards for this last reporting term. I am so very proud of each one of my students as I know they work hard towards success with individual goals.

There has also been a few assessments that have recently been sent home. I try on my end to encourage the use of an agenda, as a way to help students manage and organize important dates/tasks and to communicate with parents at home. I sign each day to identify that I have seen the agenda. We also write in the agendas when assessments have been sent home. I try to encourage students to share assessments with their parents and return initialed by a parent. I have noticed in the past few months that the use of agendas has declined and I really hope to help students work towards consistent use of the agendas. This will help maintain communication between home and school as well as foster their level of responsibility and organization.

We are going to be starting up with some exciting new units! We have just started to work on recounts as a form of writing and will be moving into novel study circles, once we have done some time with modeling through the use of comprehension strategies and the Answer Formula.  In Science we will be moving into Space and Social Studies our focus will be on Canada’s interactions with the global community. Our next math unit will be on Geometry, where students will be learning about geometric properties and relationships (classify and construct polygons and angles, sketch and build 3D models). I am excited to start up a new media unit, which will focus on character education, acts of kindness.

Thank you for all your support and cooperation!

Mrs. Sharpe 🙂

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Kandalore Day 2!!!



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Kandalore Fun!!!

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Hello everyone! We have had a busy month and have much to look forward to in February.

The students have been working very hard towards the completion of their speeches/TED talks and will be presenting them next Monday and Tuesday (Feb. 6th and Feb. 7th) to the class, before we head off to Kandalore. They have all worked so hard to make up for some class time missed, due to the number of snow days we had in January. The biome projects are now complete and I am so proud to see all of the research and hard work that each student has put into their project. They look amazing!!! We started the biome project presentations today. In Math we have started our unit on addition/subtraction/multiplication/division of whole and decimal numbers. Again, with Number Sense and Numeration being a strand that is integrated throughout so many of the other math strands, daily practice with fact fluency will help to enhance these foundational skills. There are some great links to my blog and other sites such as Prodigy and Sumdog that students have accounts set up for.

Everyone is getting very excited about the upcoming trip to Kandalore. The grade 6 teachers have been collaborating to finalize plans and arrange groups for the trip with feedback from the students, ensuring that it is an enjoyable, memorable experience for all. We have talked to students about bringing appropriate luggage. It must be a piece of luggage that they can carry, like a hockey bag/bag with shoulder strap or they can place their luggage in a heavy duty garbage bag with a rope tied to it, to pull along in the snow. It is a bit of a hike in, so it is important not to bring more than what can be carried in. The trailer that the bags will be in will not be covered, so we are encouraging students to place their bag in a labeled heavy duty garbage bag (if it is not waterproof) in case of snow/rain. We are asking that students arrive at the school for 8:30, as we plan to depart at 9:00. We will send home a little note stating all of these reminders prior to the trip.

Tomorrow is our Global School Play Day! Students are asked to bring in toys or games that do not require electricity or batteries. Some ideas are board games, Lego, puzzles, crafts, social games (pictionary, charades), and playing cards. This will take place for a 100 minute block of time which we will split between inside and outside.

Friday is our annual  “Carnaval Day”. Students have been participating in related tasks throughout their French period. We will be outside all day, so we encourage students to dress appropriately for the programming and weather.

Thank you for al of your support and cooperation!

Mrs. Sharpe 🙂

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Welcome Back!


I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday with your family and are off to a wonderful start for 2017! We have had a few snow days this week which has altered some programming, however students seem eager to be back and working hard towards task completion!

We will be moving into developing the presentation (good copy) for the Biome Report tomorrow and that will be the focus in Science for this month! Students worked hard over the holidays to complete their research jot notes, so they are all set for the paragraph writing into presentation format.

Tomorrow we will be in the library for Social Studies, where students will choose their topic for our Social Studies inquiry project that they will start to research. We have been working hard to establish an understanding of the historical content needed to begin the inquiry process.

In Language students will be starting to work on an 8 box task along with a variety of other comprehension tasks, that will focus on the text they have chosen. Students were informed prior to break, to read or bring in a book that they have recently read at their reading level, to use for this reading task. In Writing, we have been learning about TED talks, which will take place this year instead of speeches. We are doing some tasks that will help ensure understanding of this style, prior to writing. Reading assessments were sent home today for the City of Ember. I have asked that students reflect positively towards their work and assessment, focusing with a growth mindset. Please sign and return!

In Math we are continuing on with our unit on Measurement, focusing on the concept of Area right now. Students have been working hard towards refreshing their skills from all strands with the continuation of the 180 Days of Math program.

Our trip to Kandalore in quickly approaching and another form and packing information sheet will be sent home tomorrow (Friday, January, 13). Please review, sign and return by the outlined date.

Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me! Thank you for your support!


Mrs. Sharpe 🙂


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